Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kit Kat Attack part uno: Flan Kit Kat or something

So a while ago, I read on Wikipedia that other parts of the world get different flavors of Kit Kats. I thought to myself, "Why do we only get white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate variations of Kit Kat?" I mean even on holidays we don't get Kit Kat Mint or anything, even though it would fit in nicely with the mint flavored holiday candies. I then figured out why this is, Kit Kat was developed in the UK. They're probably hoarding all the most exotic flavors for themselves.

Anyway, I found that Japan also get a good amount of exotic flavors. I suppose it's because the Japanese like things that are different from the beaten path. I mean come on, the first time someone made green tea ice cream they probably thought he was crazy. I was able to find different kinds of Kit Kats at a Japanese market. At first I was only going to buy one kind and review it. However, I then thought that I'm probably going to come back for the rest of the flavors anyway, so I decided to buy the rest of the available flavors. And so begins part uno of Kit Kat Attack.

I'm starting off with what I assume to be Flan Kit Kats. Yes, the bag is resting on top of the box that contained my Xbox 360 Fighting Stick. I take Street Fighter IV very seriously. Also Super Street Fighter IV is coming out next week. Anyway, I assume the bottom left indicates how many packets are in the bag. On the top left I guess is how many calories each packet is.

Here are the individually wrapped Kit Kats. On the left we see how many calories the packet contains once again. Question: Why is everything in Japanese except the part showing the consumer how to open the packet? My guess is that the Japanese have no word for the word "open".

Each packet contains two mini bars. Kit Kat Flan looks like White Chocolate Kit Kats

A bar broken in half. Nothing to see here, gentlemen

Well, we see that the candy itself doesn't look different from the ones available in the United States. How does it taste? The wafer part of it tastes pretty much the same has the same texture. The flavor is something like flan along with butterscotch. That's probably the best way I could describe it. It has a pudding, flan, etc. taste, but afterward it transitions into a butterscotch flavor. Definitely an interesting flavor, but I don't think I would buy a big bag of it again.

Stay tuned to see what Kit Kat is next for part deux!

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