Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kit Kat Attack part deux: Oh Canada

Once again this is an entry that isn't that far apart from my last post. The reason I decided to do this one not too long after my first installment of Kit Kat Attack is because I figured that I would bring this bag of Kit Kat to work. If I waited until tomorrow, there's a chance that they would be torn apart by the vultures (students). Anyway, the reason I titled this entry "Oh Canada" is because of this:

Even though these Kit Kats are Japanese, they are maple flavored. They even have a maple leaf on there to get the point across. Anything related to maple syrup and maple leaves I attribute to Canada. Notice on the lower left, there is a gold medal. I guess that means that this is an award winning flavor.

We see once again that the packet shows the calories of the mini-bars. This packet doesn't have the words "open" on it. How will people know how to open it?

Once again, they look the same as White Chocolate Kit Kats.

Yep, pretty much the same as Flan Kit Kats

Anyway, I liked this flavor a lot more than Flan Kit Kats. Maple Kit Kats sort of reminded me of Waffle Crisps. You can definitely tell that they're maple syrup flavored. Would I buy another big bag of these? I'm not sure if I would, but it's a nice detour from other regularly available candy. However, I'm starting to miss real chocolate after not having it for a while. Again, Maple Kit Kats better than Flan Kit Kats, hence the gold medal on the lower left of the bag.

I'm not doing part tre and part vier until tomorrow at the earliest, but here's a look at things to come:


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