Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Candy Randoms: To Energy Drink Lovers

I braved treacherous weather in order to bring this edition of candy randoms. Whilst driving to a Japanese market, I faced poor visibility, moderate rain, and drivers that refused to turn their lights on. When I finally arrived, the sun had come out and all was good. However, when I was done shopping, it started raining again. Damn Mother Nature's mood swings.

Anyway, I picked up a few bars or sticks or I'm not sure what to call them of candy. I think the correct term is stick, but I'm still not sure. Anyway, the first I will discuss is this:
The English label reads: "Soft Candy (UHA ST PUCCHO GENKI)" which is, of course, no help to me. I was informed by a friend that it's a type of energy drink in Japan.

This is what the candy looks like unwrapped:

As you can see there's some white bits in it. If you look at the lower right of the wrapper you can see a bit of white crumble. What is that white crumble you ask? Well if I had to choose from one of the ingredients on the label, I'd have to say that would be the baking soda. Anyway the taste of the candy, as described by myself and another friend, is like Red Bull. Yes, this little yellow rectangular prism is Red Bull flavored candy and I have to assume that the energy drink version is like Red Bull as well. Overall, it was an interesting candy and, based on this, I can't wait to see what the other candies I bought taste like.

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