Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clown Toffee and Exploding Chocolate

I bought a lot of European candy yesterday and brought some of it in thinking that my students would fall on it. However, quite the opposite happened, and the students kind of looked at the candy, but they didn't show interest. I was trying to tell them, "Look, there's fizzy chocolate candy!" but none of them bit. I'm not sure why they fall on Asian candy immediately and ravage Japanese candy. I suppose the packaging for those candies is flashier.

Anyway, I took it upon myself to be the judge of these candies. The first one I decided to try was some sort of strawberry flavored toffee

I see that in Eastern Europe, they are much more accepting of clowns. Personally, if I were a kid, this bag would have scared me pretty bad. I also entered the words into Google Translate and found out that the language printed was either Serbian or Croatian. I then found out that both languages were similar. On the lower left it says that it contains vitamins and no artificial coloring

More clowns, and not just happy clowns, there's that scary nonchalant clown on the right. Anyway, the top reads, "Anywhere Everywhere Ki-Ki!" and I think the bottom reads something like "Gotta Catch Em All" or something. Cute clowns must be like Pokemon or something in Eastern Europe

A wrapped strawberry toffee. It's shape reminded me of a Starburst

An unwrapped strawberry toffee

This candy was much softer than candies like Starbursts. Also the flavor was a bit more tart as well. It was good, but nothing amazing. It was a solid choice and I'm going to literally throw these at the heads of my students until they eat it. They need to try and accept sweets from all parts of the world. Next up:

Here we have a dead clown or something. It's pretty scary if you ask me, much scarier than the happy strawberry clown. Anyway, this is milk flavored and it contains calcium and no artificial coloring

This one is wrapped more fancily than the strawberry one

An unwrapped candy; it looks like a caramel chew

Not only does it look like a caramel chew, it tastes like one as well. I like caramel chews. That means that I liked this candy. It's a bit softer than what I'm used to, like the strawberry toffee, but the flavor was good. I don't understand why my students won't eat these. Well, maybe they were just unsure yesterday. Today could be the day they try these candies. To end this entry, I'll tell you about a friend of mine:

As you can see, my friend is full cool. I'm not sure who decided to name this candy, but I guess it's better than anything I could think of. I would have probably named it "Explosive Chocolate" or something along those lines. They're missing a "p" in the word popping, unless they meant to spell it "poping"

A square of the chocolate. The lighter shades are the popping candy

Every student I told this about seemed disgusted by the concept of fizzy chocolate. Let me tell you, this was the best item that I've tried so far (I've only tried the three I just wrote about). This bar is chock full of the popping candy and there was not a moment that it was not popping. The chocolate tasted very good as well. However, the popping candy just put it over the edge and made me love it. Sure it may be a novelty, but it's pretty cool in my opinion.

Hopefully some students will try some of the candies I bought. I'm not sure what the other candies taste like, but I know the toffees were solid and the chocolate was pretty awesome. I don't know what food they eat in Eastern Europe, but I can tell you that I enjoy the candy that they sell there.

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