Friday, May 7, 2010

A Tale of Two Toffees

Update: Thanks to my friends, Dillon, Karina, Phil, and Sherin, I was able to figure out the flavors of the World Dessert Candy that I posted before this one. It turns out that I got only two correct. The flavors are as follow:

China: Mango Pudding, Switzerland: Cheesecake, France: Strawberry Mille-feuille, Italy: Tiramisu, America: Apple Pie

Thanks again, guys

A topping that I see a lot at frozen yogurt shops are crushed Heath bars. I also see this as a flavor for ice cream. A Heath bar is basically a chocolate covered toffee bar. Most of the time, the toffee found in a candy bar is crushed bits of toffee. What separates those bars from the Heath and Skor bars is that the latter bars contain whole bars of toffee. I'm not sure why toffee isn't used more often in a large bar form as opposed to chopped up bits. That's why I decided to try these bars and I also wanted to see if there was a difference between the two.

I'm not sure what the difference between English Toffee and Crisp Butter Toffee is, but these two bars advertise their toffee differently. Heath always reminds me of the world "Health" for obvious reasons. For some reason I always think that a Skor bar is spelled SKQR like some Roman acronym, but it's not. Notice the crown in the O though, very fancy if you ask me.

The Heath bar is on top, the Skor bar is on the bottom. I guess the Skor bar has more waves and the waves on the Heath bar are more space between its waves. Overall they look pretty much the same.

From L - R: Heath, Skor. Notice that the toffee in the Skor bar is noticeably darker than the toffee in the Heath bar.

Well, overall they both pretty much tasted the same. I don't know why there aren't bits of Skor bar in ice cream or on top of my frozen yogurt, so I can only assume that Heath has a monopoly over the dessert industry. Why aren't toffee bars more mainstream? I guess it's because, like peanut brittle, they're not really teeth friendly. If you bite into one, it's quite hard and there's a lot of rattling going on. I enjoy the toffee flavor, but I wouldn't consider getting these over a Symphony bar which has bits of toffee. They're also a bit thin compared to other candy bars. Toffee lovers probably already stock up on these, so if you're curious, you should give these a try and see if you like them.

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