Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peanut Madness: It Continues

The next item I'm about to write about is what actually made me want to start Peanut Madness. You see, the next item is from Planter's, a company known for their mascot, Mr. Peanut. I didn't know they had made a candy bar of some type, and when I found it I already had purchased the Munch bar that I wrote about before. I thought it'd be a good idea, but so far it's been pretty rough on my teeth, seeing as how I'm basically eating a handful of peanuts in each bite.

If it has Mr. Peanut on it, you know it has to be a quality product. Also notice how peanutty the wrapper is; it'd probably give one of my students allergic reactions just looking at it

Thank you for this disclaimer

Welp, that's a lot of peanuts

In my post about the Munch bar I wrote that it was like peanut brittle except nuttier. Well this bar is even nuttier than Munch. This one hurt my mouth because there were so many peanuts. I'm not sure if they even tested this with a tasting group, because I would not have approved this. If you like peanuts this much then you should just buy a jar of Planter's Nuts or something. As you can tell, I didn't really like this bar and felt that there were just too many peanuts. I guess this is for people who love peanuts to the extreme. I suppose there was some demand if Planter's decided to come out with this.

This wraps up the second part of Peanut Madness, I wonder when I'll get to the conclusion.

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