Saturday, May 22, 2010

More clowns and punchy chocolate

When I first bought the Ki-Ki brand clown toffees, I only bought the strawberry and milk flavor because I knew that there was a risk that my students wouldn't like it and I'd be stuck with them. However, my students liked the candies enough that I decided to return to the European market to purchase this bag:

It's bigger than the bag of strawberry toffees and features six different flavors, including strawberry which I already wrote about. I am on my way to becoming Clown Master

Top: Orange, Apple, Lemon
Bottom: Raspberry, Banana

A picture of the candies unwrapped

I don't think that I could actually rank the flavors because I liked them all. They reminded me of Now and Laters except they weren't terribly tough. They also had a nice, mellow aftertaste. However, I can tell you that I didn't like the banana, but you probably already knew that. I let one of my students take some of the banana flavored ones so that she could torture kids at her school.

Moving on, I was very curious about this next time:

Punch flavored chocolate? Ridiculous. Well, this is brought to you by the same people who had the idea of putting pop rock like candies in chocolate, so I suppose it's not so strange

Nothing noticeable about the appearance of the chocolate

I'm not going to lie, this one disappointed me. The flavor of this chocolate reminded me of chocolates with liqueur in the middle. Instead of having gooey liqueur or something in the middle like cherry cordials, there was just more liqueur flavored chocolate. I would not get this one again because the chocolate with the popping candy is so much better.

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