Sunday, May 16, 2010

Number #50

Well, if you've been keeping track, this is the 50th entry of stephenlovescandy. Yay!

Anyway, back to business. I actually found the next item at a Korean supermarket. This one in particular is larger than the other Korean markets and carries many more Japanese products. I found some items that I would have found in a Japanese market, and the items were marked a bit more than at Japanese markets. I think this item in particular would have cost just around the same at a Japanese market though:

Yep, it's those stick Oreos again. This time they come in what I assumed to be cheesecake flavor

A picture of an individually wrapped Oreo stick

Oh god, what is this?

The packaging made these products look a lot more appealing than what they actually look like. Then again, I don't write all about appearance, and flavor is a much more important factor. When I first bit into it, it really did have a cream cheese/cheesecake smell. A few seconds later however, it started tasting like a typical wafer. Again, I can't say that I'd choose this item over the regular Oreo cookie. Something about paying more for less and not being able to twist the cookie makes it less appealing to me. After doing so many entries about Asian candies, part of me wants to take a tour of the world just to see how much candy costs in different places.

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