Friday, May 14, 2010

Kit Kat Attack again

Alright, so I went to an Asian market again, and they had more foreign Kit Kats. I suppose milk chocolate Kit Kats are the best sellers in America anyway, so why branch out, right? I mean if they made Strawberry Kit Kats in America and no one ate them, then it'd be pointless to make them. This is my speculation as to why they don't have any flavors outside of milk, white, and dark chocolate Kit Kats in America.

Anyway, getting back to the Kit Kat I'm writing about, I asked my friend what flavor it was, and she said it related to some Japanese pastry. I guess you'll just have to see the picture to get an idea:

Yeah, she said it was something like the outer shell of that pastry that's pictured. I think. Or it could be flavored after that pastry. I'm going to need her to help out again. Anyway, I'm sure that's a thought provoking haiku by Basho or someone on the right hand side.

Well according to the back, it's Chocolate. There's also some diagram explaining to consumers what a Kit Kat is

Another interesting haiku. Or it could just be whatever the front said.

Kit Kat unwrapped

Insides look pretty much the same

I describe the taste as being somewhat nutty. That's the best way I can put it. It was a good flavor; I enjoyed it. However, I can't see what makes this flavor unique. If you told someone that they were eating a Kit Kat with a slight peanut flavor, they'd believe you. If you told me I was eating Kit Kat that was flavored after a Japanese dessert, I'd ask you, "Does it have peanuts in it?" Overall, it was enjoyable, but again these foreign Kit Kats are more expensive than domestic ones. If you want to enjoy the flavor of this Kit Kat, then maybe you could dip your Kit Kat in peanut butter.

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