Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peanut Madness: The Beginning

I'm going to be posting a few candy bars that go off the beaten path and are absolutely full of or covered in peanuts.

So I went to the gas station by my work the other day to grab some provisions for myself and some students. While I was there, I noticed a candy bar that I haven't seen in quite some time. Now, keep in mind that the items carried at this particular gas station can be, at times, years old. This greatly pissed me off because I bought a Diet Pepsi from there that was two years past its "Best By" date and was utterly flavorless. It was worse than drinking Club Soda. Anyway, I decided to give this Munch candy bar a chance, seeing as how I didn't see it anywhere else.

The packaging shows you all you need to know about this candy bar. Unlike other candy bars, which have chocolate coating, this candy bar is like a Pay Day in that its main attraction are its peanuts. Also notice that it advertises that it has only 6 ingredients

Yep, it only has 6 ingredients. It's also, interestingly, made by the same people who make Snickers

Peanuts everywhere

Okay, so this Munch pretty much tastes like peanut brittle, but nuttier. Whereas in peanut brittle, it's mostly brittle, with Munch it's mostly peanut. I have to say that as a fan of peanut brittle, I rather enjoyed Munch. It was much bumpier than peanut brittle, on account of it having more peanuts, but overall it was good. If I had a craving for peanut brittle, I'd eat a Munch bar to satiate that craving, but it's probably harder to find than peanut brittle.

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