Friday, May 7, 2010

Twix strikes again and candy from Mars

Well it seems like the Twix company has openly challenged me and decided to deviate even more from their original Twix line. The latest Twix I saw was Twix Java at a local Wal-Mart. They didn't sell them near the convenience items though, but instead they held them in the back near the tobacco and cigarettes. Maybe they were trying to hide these all for themselves. Anyway, I've decided to lower my expectations for this one and have decided that no other Twix variation will come close to original Twix. In a sense, I guess I've lowered my expectations for all non oroginal caramel varieties of Twix.

There's a brownish-red color on edges of the bag, and a small coffee cup in the V. Clever.

All Twix look the same on top, so I decided to skip that picture. The caramel, like in Twix Triple Chocolate, is noticeably darker as well

When I first bit into this, it definitely had a strong aroma of coffee. I tasted and smelled coffee more than anything else, and it wasn't until a few seconds in that I tasted that somewhat familiar Twix taste. I'm not a coffee lover per se, but I could see how this would be appealing to those that do enjoy coffee. I would put this Twix above Twix Triple Chocolate and somewhere near Twix PB. Again, it's not my favorite, but coffee lovers can finally stop dunking their Twix in coffee. I'm not sure if anyone does that, but I have a friend that dips his bread in soda and water, so I'm sure there have to be people that dunk their Twix in coffee. I'm also waiting for Twix to make something ridiculous like Twix White Chocolate. Make it happen in America, Twix people.

Next up we have a candy bar that people in Mars eat. I guess that's why I don't see this candy bar often, because people on Earth don't really notice it. In fact, as of late, I've only seen it at Wal-Mart. I could have sworn that they used to sell these at 7-11's, but I suppose that there's not a big market for it. Also I guess Martian people are pretty small because this candy bar was probably 2/3 of a regular candy bar. They also prefer almonds over peanuts. The only two mainstream candies I think that feature almond are Almond M&M's and Snickers Almond. I don't know why the almond isn't used more.

You can't tell in this picture, but the candy bar is, again, quite small compared to other candy bars

It came out pretty cracked

And of course it did not break too well

Well the best I can describe this candy is it's like a softer Milky Way with almonds. The nougat in here is fluffy, sort of like the one found in Three Musketeers bars, but with the caramel it has more chew to it. I was surprised to find whole almonds in here. The almonds really added a whole new texture to the bar, which would have been a softer Milky Way without them. It's nothing new and is smaller than a Milky Way. I guess this bar isn't so rare after all because there are other candy bars that taste just like it without the almonds. This would be only an okay bar and didn't impress me that much. With so many candy bars like it, it's no surprise that this one isn't as mainstream.

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