Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peanut Madness: The End?

Update: I was able to convince my students to try the European candy, and they actually liked it. Awesome!

I believe that this may be the last installment of Peanut Madness, seeing as how I don't THINK that there are any more candy bars like the ones that were mentioned. To end Peanut Madness, I'm going to end it with what I think is the best of the peanut covered candy bars:

When I was younger I hated this candy bar. I think I didn't like it because it wasn't coated in chocolate and it was different from other candy bars. It was salty and sweet, as opposed to other candy bars that were just sweet. However, as I grew up, I came to like this candy bar more and more

As you can see this is peanut covered, but the caramel is visible as well

As mentioned above, what makes this candy bar unique is the fact that it is both salty and sweet. Something else that sets this candy bar from the other candy bars is that its texture isn't brittle; it crunchy when you first bite in, but then it becomes chewy as you get to the caramel. There aren't as many peanuts on this candy bar, as opposed to the previous candy bars I wrote about before, which makes this candy bar much easier on the mouth. All in all, I think I can easily say that Pay Day is the king of peanut coated candy bars.

I think that's all for Peanut Madness, unless I'm able to find another candy bar coated in peanuts. Those who are allergic to peanuts can breathe a sigh of relief now.

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