Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reese's Snack Barz: Z iz cool again!

Every time I go into a 7-11 I don't expect to be wowed by their candy section. I usually scope the candy section, pick up a few things, head to the soda, and then finally to their protein bar section. Anyway, I caught a glimpse of Reese's Snack Barz a few weeks ago, but I didn't have the urge to buy it. This is odd because I really like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Reese's Pieces. Also, around Easter time, I look forward to things like Reese's Eggs and stuff like that. The description for the Reese's Snack Barz though, made it seem like an overdressed Rice Krispie's Treat. However, it bothered me that I was disregarding a candy without trying it, so I decided to give it a chance.

Here's the packaging. It advertises "Crispy Rice & Marshmallow with Reese's Peanut Butter" and it also has Hershey's Milk Chocolate. By description alone, it sounds delicious

Well, it certainly looks the way it does on the packaging. I'm not very impressed so far

Nothing in the middle; nothing more to see folks

My concerns of it being an overdressed Rice Krispies Snack were pretty much confirmed. Surprisingly though, it wasn't very sweet despite all the ingredients listed. The peanut butter had a salty taste and the crispy rice & marshmallow wasn't all that sweet either. The way I see it, you could do much better going one of two routes. The first route is just purchasing a pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which are much better tasting than this. The second route you could take is purchasing a box of snack bars that are available at places like Target and Wal-Mart. The snack bars by Kashi, Special K, and so forth are not only have less calories, they surprisingly taste better too. I'm going to go further and say that I've had protein bars which tasted better than this. Speaking of which, protein bars are pretty damn tasty.

Anyway, to sum things up, skip this item and either indulge in real candy or go find a snack bar; either choice you make will taste much better than this.

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